Why have my oil tank serviced?

Oil Tank Servicing

Regular oil tank servicing can prevent you needing a new oil tank.
Maintaining your oil tank is something that homeowners frequently neglect. While oil tanks have a useful life of many years, eventually they will need to be replaced.

Routine maintenance may also be needed so it's important to have the condition of your tank monitored as part of the annual service of your heating system. Your OFTEC servicing technician will be able to advise you on your tank's condition and alert you to any work that's needed.

Most oil tanks have a working life of around 10-15 years. If your tank is more than 20 years old, it should be replaced. Assuming that all is well is likely to be a false economy and a leak from a faulty tank could leave you with a clean up bill running into many thousands of pounds. Again, your servicing technicians will be able to give you advice.

Make sure you have your oil tank inspected on a regular basis to prevent the situation where it becomes worn and leaks, as this can be a very expensive clean up job.

It might be that your current oil tank is very badly positioned or due to age and lack of maintenance has become worn or damaged and you need a new oil tank.


old tank

Old metal tanks are very prone to corrosion and they corrode from the inside out so you won't often know it is corroded until it starts to leak. In this situation we can transfer your oil from your current tank into a holding tank, install a new oil tank and then transfer the oil back into the new tank.

Regulations on the position of new oil tank installations are now in place and these are for the safety of both yourself, your neighbours and the environment, but we will advise you of the safest place to locate the oil tank on your premises.