Oil tank FAQs

What is the process to install a new Oil Tank?

Transfer the remaining oil in your existing tank to our holding tank. Next we remove your old oil tank. We install your new tank on either a new base or existing base. We reconnect the oil supply pipe and transfer the oil to new tank. Finally we make sure your boiler is running for at least 20 minutes. We have a good tidy up before driving off with your old tank.

How long will it take to replace my oil tank?

If you have a concrete base the job will be done over 2 days. A new tank on a slab base will normally take one day.

Do I need to wait for my oil tank to be empty before you can replace it?

No we can pump out and hold over one thousand litres in an holding tank and then when your new tank is installed we can transfer it into it.

Can you install my new tank in a different position?

Yes we can, but it has to be conditional to the strict regulations and the distance from the tanker delivery point.

Will you take my old tank away on completion?

Yes. We take your tank away whether a metal or plastic one. Plastic tanks are taken to a firm in Louth and recycled. You never know it could be your next new wheelie bin!

How much will it cost?

Prices vary from job to job, it is IMPOSSIBLE to give a price over the phone or from photos. You must have risk assessment carried out.

What is a Risk Assessment form?

A risk assessment form helps to identify several issues that must be complied with. It is simply a yes/no questionnaire; if a "yes" is answered then that hazarded must be dealt with.
Whoever you get to quote for the work this form MUST be filled out and you should get a copy.
Should you have an illegal tank installation you could have major issues with your insurance company and any future potential sale of your property.

FAQs About the Business

Have you been in business long as I don't want to hire a cowboy?

I've been in the plumbing business for over 16 years and most of my work is around the area of Lincolnshire. See my review page for references.

Are you insured?

We hold 2 million pound public liability insurance and have £10,000 public indemnity insurance, should there be any problems with the installation in the future. There is no excess for you to pay on any of this.

Do you charge a call out fee?

No. Estimates are free and non-obligatory.

Do you have all the right tools?

Yes. I come fully equipped for a quality job, but a cuppa coffee at the start would be good.

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